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  1. Really drivers?

    January 23, 2013 by Sarah

    Okay so I got into my first car accident. It was an accident, it was my fault, but it was only a fender bender. All that aside, my car’s hood has some damage to it. Fantastic. As anyone who has also experienced the embarrassment of a fender bender, pointing it out to them can be just as painful and embarrassing as going through it again. I was driving home from school–my normal route–and I was stopped at a light at this major intersection. Some one starts honking after a man pulls up next to me. It was him….then he starts motioning toward me and around me, pointing to my left. So I turn thinking someone else is about to run into me or I don’t know, I just turned! He continues to motion towards me, and then I finally just rolled down my window. He says: “you know your hood is about to come up………that can be dangerous.” And then he shuts his car. It just makes me angry that because I’m a young female, men assume I don’t know what’s happening with my car. You think I wouldn’t know? Well I just nodded along and said okay–I went along with it. I understand it was a nice gesture, and he wanted me to be aware, but really?? Opening your door at a major intersection while distracting my attention away from the road (when the light could have changed at any moment) is even MORE dangerous than the dent I have in my hood that makes it look like my hood is raised.

  2. Why social networks are for cowards.

    September 29, 2012 by Sarah

    One quick thing: why do people think I’m so stupid? Do they think they can hide themselves behind Facebook and twitter posts? I know when people are talking about me… Why do girls feel like its necessary to post statuses or tweets thinking I can’t read them? I’m not dumb. But, the fact that someone close to me did it makes me think twice about myself. This isn’t the first time this has happened don’t get me wrong. My experience with backstabbing is probably above anyone else’s. I guess people just see me as a good target because I’m nice. Who knows, maybe I just need to not ever talk to anyone anymore.

  3. Her.

    September 13, 2012 by Sarah

    I’m not explaining much. But, I have to say it somewhere- why do I feel like I constantly compare myself to my boyfriends last girlfriend? It shouldn’t bother me that he has had past girlfriends, but I guess it does mostly for one specific reason. Aside from that, why do I feel like I’m always coming out on the short end? He loves me, appreciates me, etc. but why do I feel like I’m still coming out short? What’s wrong with me..

  4. Not Backing Down…Not Backing Down

    September 6, 2012 by Sarah

    Today is a bad day.
    Biology- turned in a late assignment not knowing; took a test which was stressful.
    US History- got mad during a Socratic seminar because the class I’m in doesn’t know how to prompt questions in a Socratic so that people, named Sarah, don’t get bored.
    Tornado warnings were going on around me; my power went out while trying to study for Calculus test tomorrow. Finished a book that I don’t like. Got flipped off today while driving because since I drive a manual transmission it takes a second longer for my car to speed up. That made me want to cry.
    I have a friend being arrogant and I guess also a little ignorant about their grades. I want to go down still kicking, but I have a feeling I just need to drop it. I need to eat my own words and just confront calmly about it.
    ~ Thanks for being my shoulder.

  5. Redheaded Extinction

    July 23, 2012 by Sarah

    So, as a ginger I usually get the question is that your natural color? I answer yes it is: I’ve never colored my hair. My hair is around this shade: And some people try to pass this as a “natural” shade:

    or this:

    Seriously?! I know redheads are supposed to be ‘endangered’ if you want to say that, but really… trying to pass off these looks as normal just doesn’t sit right with me. Apparently if redheads marry and have children with a blonde their chances for having ginger children are increased. My mother was a dirty blonde and my dad was a ginger, so naturally I am redheaded, but my brother has brown hair after my mom’s dad. It’s your simple biology lesson in recessive and dominant traits.

    So, please ladies, do us natural redheads a favor and stop calling these hair colors ‘redheaded’ or ‘ginger.’ You should be calling them fire and brimstone; that would be more accurate. Pick nicer color to dye your hair instead like a natural redheaded color.. not orange or five alarm red.

  6. My summer anthem

    July 22, 2012 by Sarah


    I first discovered this song on a beauty tutorial on youtube, but lately I’m feeling it’s going to become the anthem of my summer vacation. I just love the nostalgic lyrics and the smooth beat. Have a listen:

  7. Awkward.

    July 22, 2012 by Sarah


    So, have you seen the show on MTV (maybe not if you’re on direct tv) called “Awkward.”? Well, lately I’ve been watching episodes of it on mtv’s website for free and have to say that I’m hooked. It’s my new summer media obsession! Usually, I find myself reading books or listening to new and upcoming ALT bands, but besides my usual summer routine I’ve been watching Jenna Hamilton live life. It’s not your typical high school show: you have jocks, preps, cheerleaders, mean girls, populars, nerds, gangs, etc. But, Jenna doesn’t fit into any of it, which is sort of my way in high school. Yes, most of my friends are band geeks, but sometimes I crave to hang out with the kids who will be up for anything- not anything illegal though..

    Most of my friends are pretty square to say it or not. And, my boyfriend isn’t far behind them. I know he does a lot for me and pays for my dinner on most occasions, but when I’m feeling spontaneous and just want to- for example- drive somewhere without stopping and find a random place to just hangout that day, he isn’t up for it. Or, if we do something fun that we’re both enjoying he’ll say something about money which makes me feel guilty. Like tonight, we went bowling at a local place and he was upset that it was $3 per game per person, which I thought was fantastically cheap! Of course since both of us are not professional we barely reached 100 points each every game, so we played through four games fast. That racked up to $24 in games tonight. It was a bit steeper than he must have been guesstimating, but the memories from that night were lots of fun.

    Anyways, speaking back on my main point, I can relate a lot to Jenna Hamilton in the scheme of things. And I think a lot of other girls can too. I don’t think it’d be a popular show if it didn’t relate to anyone.

  8. Summer is almost here

    May 11, 2012 by Sarah

    Summer is closing in on me and I’m not sure if I’m ready. Marching band rehearsals will start after 4th of July, I’ll be driving by June, I’m headed around the country to tour colleges, read my summer reading books, and sell pages for our school yearbook… too much to do. Finals are all next week starting on Monday, I need all the studying and help I can get! Chemistry and Advanced Geometry are going to be my biggest contenders this week. Wish me luck and good support, I’ll need it. Update on Kayla: She went home last Friday, and this past week missed another week of school. She’s up and walking with crutches and she’s still in some pain, but it’s minor than compared to what was going on before. I just hope she’ll be okay for her finals.

  9. It’s getting scary out there

    May 2, 2012 by Sarah

    My best friend Kayla was brought to the hospital on Monday of this week. She arrived via an EMT due to immense amounts of back pains. On that Saturday night she had fallen out of her bed and started screaming for help from her parents. On Sunday and Monday afternoon it had gotten to the point where she could not get up to use the bathroom. Now at the hospital her white blood cell count is up and she is running a fever of 102 degrees F. After an MRI and a CT scan the doctors still don’t really know what all is wrong with her. Even with high amounts of morphine she can’t walk around without screaming in pain. I visited her last night at about 6:15 PM and the RN came in a gave her some more morphine. Kayla was fighting off sleep, but she was happy to see me. I got word today from her mom that on the CT scan they found cause to be concerned with an ovarian cyst, but that the cyst doesn’t explain her immense amounts of back pain. I’m thoroughly confused and worried. I’ve been praying for her safety and trusting that God will do His best to heal his daughter, but it’s hard to think that even the doctors are stumped.

  10. Hello world!

    December 25, 2010 by Sarah

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!